Killer Shark Meat, Paleo Chris and a Healthy Approach the Primal Life

Happy 2012! Today marks Day 1 of our 30-day Primal Challenge at CrossFit SoCal. For some it’s time to clean up our diets in preparation for the 2012 Games season and for some it is the very first time exploring the benefits a primal diet can offer. I will do my very best to post as many recipes as I can throughout this challenge and I encourage anyone to send me any recipes, questions, or requests they may have.

Before getting to my recipe today I would like to discuss an issue that plagues many (veterans and newcomers alike) of those seeking a paleo/primal lifestyle – obsessing! Let me tell you the story of Paleo Chris. My friend Rach went on a blind date last month; the guy turned out to be gorgeous and she was super excited – until they sat down to eat lunch. When they ordered food all Chris did was talk about how he only eats paleo and how the World is doomed if you don’t. Even worst, when he got his salad he was super upset and started ranting because the salad contained bits of cheese. Before Paleo Chris could even pick off all the cheese in his salad Rach was ready to run away (and she pretty much did). Needless to say Paleo Chris seemed a bit crazy, over-the-top and he was certainly rude. It would have been much more normal (and polite) had he just picked off the cheese and continued to have a conversation with his date without freaking out about dairy on his plate.

Don’t be the annoying girl or guy at the party telling everyone how you are forbidden to eat tortilla chips on the paleo/primal diet and how terrible grains are for you as they eat the chips in front of you and you’re drooling for a bit. It’s much easier (and courteous) to say “No, thanks!” and IF asked why not just say “I’m not eating grains.” If you stress so much about being strict paleo/primal you (and everyone around you) will eventually hate it. Taking on Paleo Chris’ attitude will make your journey nothing more than an inconvenience. Also, constantly stressing about how you are forbidding yourself from certain foods will make you more susceptible to binging on that item at some point. You should not feel that you’re being deprived and you cannot punish yourself. This will only make you lose sight of your real objectives, learn nothing and eventually return to your old eating habits.

Think of the journey you’re taking and all the new things you are discovering. Instead of telling yourself (..and the entire neighborhood) that you cannot eat pasta because it’s forbidden, think about how AMAZING spaghetti squash is and how happy you are to have discovered it. I never ate fish before I started eating primal…look at me now, I love fish! Before you start your challenge establish some goals and ask yourself why you are choosing to take this path. Create a logbook (write down your meals, feelings, energy levels, sleep, etc.) and track your progress. If you slip up by eating lasagna and half a loaf of garlic bread – no big deal! Log it, create some awareness of how your body feels post-meal and go back to eating paleo/primal the next time you eat. Whatever you do – DO NOT turn your eating habits into a eating disorder.

Ok, enough about mental approaches, time to get to the recipes! Last night my friends Amanda and Austin introduced me to a super cool deli here in San Diego. It’s called Lisko Artisan Deli & Fish Market (, I highly recommend it to all locals for great food shopping. Lisko has organic, locally grown vegetables, grass-fed meats and fresh fish/seafood caught daily. While I was there yesterday Amanda made me try their shark – WOW! I was so delighted with it I immediately bought some and cooked it as soon as I got back home. The results were pretty amazing (at least I thought so anyways – Jay wasn’t there to taste test), especially considering I had never ate shark before let alone cook it!


  • Shark Fillet
  • Hawaiian Sea Salt
  • Coconut or Olive Oil

1. Coat a pan with some oil and place on low-medium heat.

2. Season the fillet with the sea salt on both sides.

3. Once the pan has warmed up a bit place the fillet in it and let the fillet sear well. Once that side is seared, flip the fillet over and do the same for the other side.

4. Continue this process for about 10 minutes depending how much you want to cook the fillet.

5. Wrap the meat in live lettuce leaves with avocado (optional).

Please let me know how this recipe turns out! And remember…don’t become Paleo Chris!


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