Hi and thanks for visiting! My name is Desi and I am addicted to CrossFit and great food. Everyday it seemed like I was talking to someone about the Paleo lifestyle. At work I would try to explain to people what Paleo is, why they should try it, how easy it was and why they should try it. Meanwhile at the gym my friends and I were always thinking: “Can we make this (anything) Paleo?” All that led me to the fantastic world of Paleo blog-hopping. I was constantly looking for ways to find new recipe ideas and was a bit overwhelmed with all the available sites. Everyday I was posting new pictures on our CrossFit SoCal Facebook page, so with a little encouragement from my workout buddy Jay I decided to start this blog.

A little more about me…I started CrossFitting Jan 2009 at CrossFit SoCal (San Diego!) and immediately fell in love with everything CrossFit had to offer. It wasn’t until later that summer that I started exploring the nutrition aspect. After doing a 30-day nutrition challenge with some of the ladies from my box I saw the benefits of eating Paleo. My WODs were much better, I was getting stronger and I felt great. Nowadays eating Paleo is the norm for me. Other than that I am an active duty Marine Corps officer, have my CF Level 1 certification, completed yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga and am hoping to go back to school soon.

I hope you enjoy what I come up with. If you ever have any questions, want to know how to make a certain recipe Paleo or have any feedback feel free to contact me. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Take care!



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